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Our Mission

1. To provide a focal point in the community where people can become involved in a range of activities including Education, Training, Recreation, and Health projects and also to provide a response to particular problems identified by the community and/or residents.

2. To help people achieve their potential by providing inspirational education and training that meets the needs of individuals, businesses and the wider community.

About Us

Safety First Community Training Centre is a community based training provider made up of dedicated staff and sessional workers. The Team are further supported by associates specialising in:

  • Quality Assurance Issues
  • Health and Safety
  • ICT
  • NVQs

Formed in 1999, Safety First started delivering training to pre and post 16 learners. Made up of experienced and qualified staff from diverse backgrounds, the Safety First Team was able to bring experience and a flexibility of learning to learners with diverse needs. The Safety First Mission is to provide good quality pre 16 and post 16 teaching and learning within an inclusive safe learning environment, providing opportunities for all. Safety First's ethos of opportunity for all allows the Team to work with groups of learners with diverse needs.

Learning 4 All Consortium

We are the lead partner for the Learning for All Consortium.

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